A Guide to Caviar

Buying Caviar

When one decides to purchase Caviar, there are several factors to consider. The first is Quality. High Caliber Caviar is what we offer. The aspects that result in a distinctive Caviar are: Species - Origin - Freshness.

Caviar is highly perishable, and therefore must be shipped overnight. We send all our Caviar express in Thermo Secure Packaging with Ice packs Fed-Ex Priority Overnight, GUARANTEED FRESH!

All our Caviar is imported, graded and selected by our specialist. We pack to order.

Every single Jar and Tin of Caviar we provide contains a CITES label, stating our pack plant, Origin, Year, and Species. This ensures our clientele of our compliance standards in ethical and professional business practices.


What is Caviar?

Caviar is the salted and cured roe of Sturgeon and select species of fish. There are 26 known species of Sturgeon in the world. From these we have only 3 types that have been the historical sources for Fine Caspian Caviar. Although today, it is permissible in the US to refer to roe from non-sturgeon species as Caviar, we take careful consideration in the acceptance of such term.


The History of Caviar & the Future

Caviar is ancient. The Caspian Sea has been a historical body of water. Great empires have enjoyed the coast of the Caspian for thousands of years. The term Caviar is most evidently understood to have derived from the Persian language. Khaya-Avar, means "egg bearing". On the coast of the South Caspian, the pearls of the Strugeon have been known to maintain a woman's beauty and provide stamina to men. Caviar has been considered a souce of great nutrients, the small jewels maintain the formula that creates the astonishing Sturgeons .


Caviar Health & Prominence

Caspian Caviar Malossol Health Benefits

Caviar has a psychological and nutritional virtue. With Caviar, it's always positive. In a moment of celebration, passion, indulgence, craving and desire, all mixed together or on their own...with a touch of class and style, Caviar is called for. In such instances, Caviar exalts.
Nothing says it like Caviar

The delicate Little Pearl called Caviar has all the nutrients to make the Ancient Sturgeon. 165 Million year old fish. More than double the age of dinosaurs. These ancient Sturgeon have a DNA code unchanged for all this time. Evidently, many cultures whom indulge in this delicacy known as Caviar attribute great benefits to Caviar. Caviar has been considered an aphrodisiac, it's used in skin care as a Caviar Mask, eaten to provide stamina, increase protein intake, and know also as a good source of fish oils and vitamins commonly found in high quality fish.

It was the Russians whom found the delicacy that is Caviar as an art-form in culinary excellence, diplomatic means, affectionate gestures, and a delicacy for the elite. Caspian Caviar comes from the indigenous sturgeon that were trapped in the Caspian Sea three million years ago, when the huge lake was cut off from its connection with the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic. Some twenty-seven species of sturgeon in Europe, Asia, and North America produce the roe called Caviar, but for more than two centuries culinary fashion has declared that the best caviar is Caspian, from Russia, former USSR states, and Iran. The best and most desired is Caspian Caviar from the Russian Osetra Sturgeon.


Today, the ancient Sturgeon of the Caspian Sea face extinction. Caviar Merchant Company is dedicated to their restoration.


Beluga Osetra Sevruga Sturgeon



The rarest of all Acipenser species. Scientific name "Huso Huso". The Beluga Sturgeon can reach well over 1 ton in weight and live over 100 years. Beluga Caviar has been banned in the United States since 2005. Prior to this ban, Sturgeon aquafarms with co-ordination with the US government, had imported live Beluga (Huso Huso), Russian Osetra and Sevruga. With a dedication to restoring the world sturgeon population, Sturgeon aquafarms will lead the future of the American Caviar industry by providing the highest quality sustainable Caviar. Russian Beluga Caviar Malossol along with Iranian Beluga Caviar are the most expensive of all Caspian Caviar. The Caspian Beluga produces a rare and highly sought after jewel.


This is the connoisseur's choice of Caviar. True Osetra derives from two Sturgeon species; the Russian Osetra Sturgeon "Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii" or the Persian Osetra Sturgeon "Acipenser Persicus". Today, the leading producer of Osetra is Caviar Galilee. The team in Galilee has begun the production of Russian Sturgeon Osetra Caviar that has astonished culinary experts around the world. This high grade Russian Osetra is now available and sold under the Karat ® brand. It is the Freshest Osetra available in the world, consistently high Imperial grade. We welcome the most demanding Caviar Lover's to indulge in our Karat ® Imperial Osetra.


New Sturgeon "Osetra"

Siberian Baerii Osetra Produced from the Acipenser Baerii, this Caviar is a very pleasant Osetra. It's comparable to Sevruga Caviar with a nuttier taste. We consider our Baerii Osetra from Venice to be the Finest in the world. Our Italian Caviar has been overseen by Caspian Caviar Salt Masters. Firm medium pearls, well cured with a secret Sea Salt, this Caviar is consistently praised. This Caviar is dark grey and sometimes platinum. White Sturgeon Transmontanus Osetra Mostly raised in California. This California Caviar is excellent. Equally tasty as the American Hackleback Sturgeon, with a creamy texture, this California Caviar has been considered an Osetra by many and continues with triumph in meeting demand and high quality. The Caviar is generally dark, medium and large sized pearls. Amur Schrenkii Osetra An interesting Caviar. Native to the Amur River bordering Russia and China, this Caviar is quite nice. The pearls can be firm, amber and gold. Similar to Russian Osetra, this Caviar will be more evident in the market in the near future. Osetra Caviar


The Sevruga Sturgeon is a petite fish. It's fine platinum pearls are a burst of flavor. This Caviar derives from the "Acipenser Stellatus" and is known to be a favorite in Russian Cuisine.


Serving Caviar

Caviar can be enjoyed in many ways. The addition of Caviar to any dish elevates the stature of the dish and is considered a symbol of distinction. Caviar adds a creamy flavor, unique texture and slight hint of sea salt.

Traditionalist hold the position that Caviar shouldn't be hidden behind bold accompaniments. Depending on the dish and desired use, there are many ways to enjoy true Caviar. As a garnish, in sauces, extraordinary dishes, intimate moments, in parties, or straight up on a pearl spoon. We've prepared some of our favorites and always welcome ideas. Check them out ! Gourmet Caviar Recipes

Caviar should never be served frozen, always chilled.

Don't mush the Caviar. Treat each delicate pearl with care. Gently server the Caviar with a non-metallic spoon, like Mother of Pearl


Storing Caviar

Caviar is highly perishable. The elements that should be avoided in maintaining the integrity of Caviar are air, light, and high temperatures.

Keep Caviar refrigerated at about 26 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit (-1°C -+4°C). Once opened, it's best to consume the Caviar within a day or to. When storing a partially consumed jar or tin, level off the Caviar, place a clear wrap over the remaining portion of Caviar in the jar or tin in order to maintain a separation from the air, and store in the coldest part of your refrigerator.


Production of Caviar

Iranian Caviar

It's said: "To serve caviar is to honor the guest"

Produced in the south Caspian, under SHILAT guidance and deep clean waters. This is known as the finest Caviar in the world. The Shilat is a state-owned and government-run statutory monopoly that regulates all aspects of fisheries in Iran, including the sturgeon and its cured roe that is called caviar.

In March 2000, the U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, announced that the U.S. government was lifting the ban on the importation of various Iranian products, including Caviar and Persian Rugs.

Iranian Caviar preparation

In the Persian language, the sturgeon fish is called "mahi-ye khaviari," meaning "Egg Bearing Fish". Due to the clean and warm south Caspian water, the Caviar Bearing Sturgeon's reach optimal conditions for producing the finest jewels known as Caviar.

The highest quality Caviar is always accompanied with the name of Iran and this country ranks in the first position in management of Caviar fish resources applying the most scientific strategies and approaches in processing. In this regard, Shilat propagates 20 000 000 pieces of juveniles and releases them into the Caspian Sea annually to reclamate sturgeon resources and prevent their extinction.

This Caviar is for those who only demand the very best and the continuation of such is in the works.

For 2009 no quota has been given for wild catch in the Caspian Sea. The future of Caviar consists of high quality aqua farms. The aqua farms we work with have taken what nature has given, and perfected Such.

Iranian Caviar production

In the future we anticipate Caspian Farmed Beluga, Persicus and Russian Osetra along with Sevruga Caviar from farms in Sari based on Caspian Basin in Iran.

American Caviar

American Caviar has developed itself greatly in the past decade.

Astrakhan Processed American Caviar

A century ago, American Caviar was so abundant, it was used in bars as peanuts and snacks are today.

America produces several grades of Caviar. We consider American Caviar to be highly acceptable and worthy of praise. The Caviar produced in the United States can be described from high quality Fine Wild Sturgeon Caviar and excellent garnish quality Caviar.

At the turn of the century, Caspian Caviar had become very scarce. In order to maintain the flow of supply, a greater emphasis was regained in producing American Caviar. Generally a product of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, American Sturgeon aka Shovelnose, and Paddlefish aka Spoonbill Caviar were acceptable sources to stable the demanding consumers in terms of Quality and appearance. Today we also carry American Black Bowfin, which is a bold and unique Jet Black Caviar.


We apply the Astrakhan process in the production of our American Caviar.

We supply the salt and material in order to replicate traditional Russian methods.

We oversee all aspects, from the fisherman, production, shipping, grading, packing.
We ensure unparalleled quality standards and compliance to ensure ethical and professional dealings.

Unlike Europe, in the US it's accepted to grade fish roe derived from species other than the Sturgeon as Caviar. Caviar Merchant Company follows this American tradition with some restrictions and only provides the finest Quality American Caviar.

In addition to the traditional Black American Caviar, we incorporate Wild Alaskan Salmon Roe in our supply. Our Wild American Caviar are very impressive. From crisp cold and clear waters, Salmon Caviar is an excellent enhancement of flavor, texture, and high protein Caviar. American Sturgeon Hackleback, also called Shovelnose Sturgeon has an excellent flavor profile, texture and pearl size. Wild American Spoonbill, or Paddlefish Caviar is excellent on a fresh blini, with a dab of Creme Fraiche, and a shot of chilled vodka.

Our Astrakhan technique processed Caviar results in the highest grade American Caviar in the World. Our CITES issued Caviar is shipped international and domestic professionally with full global compliance measures.

Caviar & Caviar a general selection can consist of:

IMPORTED MALOSSOL CAVIAR (Russian Caviar, Caspian Caviar, Iranian Caviar)

Caspian Sea 000 Beluga

Black Sea 000 Beluga

Caspian Sea Golden Osetra

Caspian Sea Sevruga

Caspian Platinum Sevruga

Caspian Pressed


Farm-Raised Russian Osetra Sturgeon - Israel

Farm-Raised Siberian Osetra Sturgeon - Italy

Farm-Raised Siberian Osetra Sturgeon - France

Farm-Raised Siberian Osetra Sturgeon - Uruguay

Farm-Raised Amur Schrenkii Osetra Sturgeon - China

Farm-Raised Whiten Osetra Sturgeon - California

Farm-Raised Russian Osetra Sturgeon - Bulgaria

Farm-Raised Stelatus Sevruga Sturgeon - Bulgaria

Farm-Raised Nacarii Osetra Sturgeon - Spain

DOMESTIC CAVIAR (Wild American Caviar)

American Sturgeon Caviar

Paddlefish Caviar

Bowfin Roe

Salmon Roe

Trout Roe

Golden Whitefish Roe