Iranian Caviar

Iranian CaviarLike the delicate knots that make up the finest silk Persian Rugs, Iranian Caviar has been known as the highest quality Caviar in the world throughout history. Anyone can grow or catch a wild Sturgeon fish, but few can apply the traditional technique that makes Iranian Caviar the best. Gourmet specialists know Iranian Caviar is the highest quality, and usually costs 3 times more than Caspian Russian Caviar.

The first factor that makes Iranian Caviar superior to any other is the perfect settings of the South Caspian Sea Eco-system. The south is much cleaner and has deeper waters than any other part of the Caspian Sea, offering the perfect setting for Sturgeon to grow in good health. Secondly, the SHILAT management of the Iranian Fisheries ensures governmental professional oversight on all the Caviar that is exported by Iran, having full control. The Sturgeon thrive in their natural eco-system of the South Caspian. Iranian caviar processing has been a tradition for hundreds of years and has been understood by Caspian Salt Masters with perfection.

Wild Iranian Caviar has not entered the US since 2008. This is due to political sanctions and also the depletion of the wild stock in the Caspian Sea. Since 2010 Obama has put in place political economic sanctions on Iran that include a ban on Persian Caviar.

Nonetheless, once relations are normalized, there is much to look forward to. Currently in Iran, there are Caviar farms on the Caspian shores, which even have Beluga Caviar currently in production. Therefore, when the time is right, we will be eager to offer Iranian Farmed Beluga Caviar that has been raised in the most ideal environment and system for high grade sturgeon Caviar. We will then also offer Iranian Osetra Caviar and all other grades and varieties of this fine Caspian Caviar selection to our Caviar lovers.

Although we do not have any Iranian product available at the moment – we DO carry a variety of Beluga and Sturgeon Caviar in our online store, and yes – we are open!